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Helping clients grow through the dry places in life. Those dry places can seem hard, but it is important to keep moving forward. There is something growing will help you to learn.

Therapy Sessions
What We Offer

We offer a comprehensive counseling approach that caters to the individual client. Whether it is in the counseling setting, during a retreat or workshop, each client is provided the tools to cope with the challenges of life.



As a PhD level clinician, licensed in 2 states, with over 20 years of experience, I feel confident that I can support you along your journey…



The annual Drop Your Bags Here Retreat™ is an all-inclusive experience designed for the busy woman who never seems to have quite enough…



Have you ever felt like no one understands what you’ve been going through in life? Do you have so much going on in life that you don’t know…

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to reduce the stigma associated with mental health by assisting individuals, couples,
families and groups through life’s challenges and get back to life’s core.

About Me

Life Interrupted Counseling Services, LLC, was established in 2017 by Dr. Keshia D. Keith, LPC, to provide counseling services, conduct workshops and host retreats. Dr. Keith possesses over 22 years of experience in the mental and behavioral health field. As both a therapist and military spouse, she has worked with both civilians and military personnel over the course of her career to provide confidential counseling services, various trainings, in preparation for military deployments, and reunifications. 

Dr. Keshia has been fantastic in helping me cope with an extremely stressful time in my life. she equipped me with a few new tools to combat my stress and anxiety and reminded me of the tools I already possessed but had neglected using. Very personable and it is very obvious she really cares. 

E. Wilks

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